Rangamarthanda Movie Review: Promising Entertainer

Rangamarthanda Movie Review: Promising Entertainer

Krishna Vamsi returns with Rangamarthanda, a remake of the Marathi mucosa Natasamrat. The producers demonstrated their faith by organizing special premieres for celebrities and select media professionals.

Many celebrities, particularly modern directors, praised the film’s emotional commentary and Krishna Vamsi’s directing, yelling, “KV is back! The mucosa got a lot of acclaim, but is it really that good? Let us explore this in the Rangamarthanda movie review.

Rangamarthanda Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Rangamarthanda (2023)
Rating 3/5
Genre Family Drama
Release Date 22nd, March 2023
Director Krishna Vamsi
Main Lead Actors Brahmanandam, Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishnan, Shivathmika Rajashekar, Anasuya, Aadarsh Balakrishna, and many others 
Cinematography Raj K Nalli
Editor Pavan VK
Producers Kalipu Madhu, S. Venkat Reddy
Music Director Ilaiyaraaja
Language Telugu, 

Rangamarthanda Movie Story:

Before getting into the Rangamarthanda movie review let us talk a bit well-nigh its story.

Raghava Rao (Prakash Raj) is a theatrical performer who earns the title Rangamarthanda for his remarkable performances. He chooses to retire from his career and divides his money between his two children, Sri (Shivathmika Rajasekhar) and Ranga (Aadarsh Balakrishna). He and his wife, Raju Garu (Ramya Krishnan), are bullied by their children.

He and his comrade Chakri (Brahmanandam) were both well-known theatre performers who are now fighting to fit in with the dramatic world vastitude the theatre. The mucosa follows Raghava Rao and his wife as they squatter challenges considering of the policies of their daughter and son.

Rangamarthanda review

Artists Performances

  • Prakash Raj was spanking-new in the role of a retired stage actor, particularly in the second half; his performance was remarkable.
  • Ramya Krishna as ‘Raajugaaru’ was too cute and amazing; all of her moments came out pretty good, and we finger for this lady with all of our hearts owing to her talent for soft-hued acting.
  • Brahmanandam, who is infrequently seen on movies these days, was given a substantial part. Prakash Raj and Brahmanandam’s moments are extremely wonderful, poignant, and emotional.
  • Prakash Raj’s son is played well by Adarsh Balakrishna. He had little screen time.
  • Shivatmika Rajasekhar was spanking-new as Prakash Raj’s daughter. She presented herself nicely as a loving person and then displayed positive sentiments later on.
  • Ali Reza is spanking-new in the role of the movie star.
  • Rangamarthanda cast& hairdo includes Others, such as Rahul Sipliguj and Tanikella Bharani, who performed admirably.

Rangamarthanda Movie Plus Points

  • The movie does an spanking-new job of displaying emotions. The unshortened second half is loaded with dramatic passages, and filmmaker Krishna Vamsi puts his imprint on this.
  • How will theatre artists who know nothing but their craft express their rage or grief? This has been conveyed in a heart-wrenching way. The conclusion needs a special mention while talking well-nigh the Rangamarthanda movie review, it is just outstanding.
  • ‘Rangamaarthanda’ scrutinizingly brought when Krishna Vamsi as a filmmaker who knew how to get the weightier out of his actors.
  • The narrative begins with Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s voice-over, which showcases an actor’s life. Rangamarthanda moreover contains a nice and timely message.

Rangamarthanda Movie Minus Points

  • The first part of the mucosa progresses slowly, and there are a few lag sequences. Even more, the editing team might have cut the mucosa to alimony the whoopee moving. At times, an old-fashioned presentation is noticeable.
  • The film’s storyline is highly predictable and straightforward, which can make the mucosa a little monotonous.
  • Krishna Vamsi’s narrative has been told in a number of previous films. The major narrative is virtually how children ignore their parents without inheriting their property at their elderly age.

Technical Aspects:

Director Krishna Vamsi’s stamp is obvious throughout the picture. Raj K Nalli’s cinematography may have been better. Except for the theatre shots, the visuals towards to lack proper focus on the actors. Ilaiyaraaja’s music is adequate. Pavan’s editing was poor in the first half but improved in the second.


The concluding note in the Rangamarthanda movie review is it’s worth watching in theatres. The outstanding performances of Prakash Raj and Brahmanandam, as well as the drama in the second half, propel the mucosa forward. Yet, the predictability speciality and poor narration will detract from the overall experience.

Rangamaarthanda Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 3/5

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