Isagi Loses Focus – Blue Lock Ep 14 Review

Isagi Loses Focus – Blue Lock Ep 14 Review

If Isagi doesn’t stop freaking out on the field mid-game, he’ll be leaving Blue Lock soon.

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Naruhaya Psyches Out Isagi

I think Isagi’s main problem is that he gets psyched out so hands due to low self-esteem.

Nagi tries to talk some sense into Isagi surpassing their next match
Nagi tries to talk some sense into Isagi surpassing their next match

Arguably, spatial sensation has the most potential out of everybody else’s special weapons. Sure, he’s not a powerhouse like Nagi or a gravity to be reckoned with like Rin or Barou – but Isagi has all of their plays memorized. Instead of just focusing on what he can and can’t do on the field himself, Isagi is running everyone’s skills through his mind and then attempting to retread his playstyle on the fly.

That is no easy feat. Isagi should be easier on himself considering as Nagi reminded him, it takes a team to play soccer.

Without any sort of synergy, Bachira’s passes would not work for Isagi. Without knowing Nagi’s playstyle, Isagi would be struggling on the field right now versus Naruhaya and Barou. If Isagi would just stop letting a nobody like Naruhaya get into his head, I’m sure his team would be dominating the field right now.

Naruhaya knows this, as well.

He’s seen Isagi make plays for their team on the fly and their strategies have taken them from Zero to 1 multiple times. But, Isagi lacks the conviction to just “go for it” when it comes to playmaking and Naruhaya is taking wholesomeness of his shaky confidence.

Personality Vs Playstyle

Ego most likely took into worth that players’ personalities would inhibit their growth.

Hence why those who coasted withal the first round of events (like Kuon) are most likely struggling in the next phase (if they plane made it). I like King Barou, but his ego needs to be broken. Barou would be a largest player if he stopped hogging the ball. Isagi is sunny but uses other players’ skills as a crutch to try and prop up his own gameplay.

When properly motivated, Nagi thrives due to his superior tenancy over the ball
When properly motivated, Nagi thrives due to his superior tenancy over the ball

Nagi acts like an NPC without any motivation, and Naruhaya is a preliminaries weft who is fighting to stay relevant in Blue Lock’s storyline.

I really hope that as the match progresses, Isagi has flipside transilience of sorts to really strop his uncontrived shot formula. Instead of scanning the field with his spatial sensation and looking for openings, Isagi could instead try to transpiration the game to make an opening for himself.

He’s washed-up this a few times, and if Isagi could recreate this worthiness he’d be unstoppable in the matches to come.

But, what do you think?

Is Naruhaya exploiting Isagi’s lack of confidence?

Is Nagi exploiting Barou’s ego?


Do you think trash like Kuon made it to the next round?

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