Home Invasion Thriller The Hive Debuts October 27th

Home Invasion Thriller The Hive Debuts October 27th

Buffalo8 is excited to signify the North American VOD release of The Hive, the debut full-length mucosa from writer-director Jared Allmond. The new self-sustaining mucosa offers a spine-tingling horror-thriller that plays upon the universal fear of one’s home stuff invaded by strangers.

The Hive follows Albie and Penny Jones, a married couple, who while attempting to work on their strained relationship, find their lives suddenly turned upside lanugo when their home is invaded by mysterious armed intruders. With nowhere to turn for help, Albie takes matters into his own hands, risking everything to protect his wife. But the intruders have once infiltrated the couple’s inner circle, trapping them in a terrifying web of compromised allies and sinister motives. Pushed to their limits, Albie and Penny must find a way to survive the inclement home invasion and overcome the internal turmoil threatening to destroy their marriage.

Check out the trailer for The Hive below:

While The Hive may seem like a mucosa that plays on people’s natural fear of their homes stuff invaded, the mucosa has greater goals vastitude thrills and suspense. At its core, The Hive explores a fraying marriage under lattermost duress. This symbolic tale of marital strife intends to resonate as a cautionary tale. By forcing the notation to confront the fissures in their marriage and descend into darker territory, The Hive hopes to lead audiences to reflect on nurturing immuration tween adversity. Thrusting its protagonists into peril, The Hive looks to craft a thriller that sticks with viewers, serving as a warning well-nigh the fragility of human connections.

With its fresh take on the home invasion thriller and a strong tint led by Timothy Haug and Christie Griffin, The Hive looks to unhook plenty of suspense, surprises, and scares. But it moreover provides deeper metaphorical meaning. Horror fans won’t want to miss out when The Hive debuts on subscription and digital VOD on October 27, including Prime Video, Vudu, Vubiquity, Cox, and Comcast.

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