A Bit More Time- Sousou no Frieren Ep 1 Review

A Bit More Time- Sousou no Frieren Ep 1 Review

I wasn’t sure what to make of Sousou no Frieren.

Naturally, it was on my list of fall anime to watch (alongside The Apothecary Diaries) and I’ve been tentatively pensile its premiere. My first impression of the show might be screwed considering I realize I’ve watched so many shows featuring immortals (like Blade of the Immortal or To Your Eternity) that I tend to write off their behavior.

With Frieren, however, it was different.

Sousou no Frieren Episode 1 Review

Frieren, Himmel, Heiter, and Eisen are immortalized in a statue without their defeat of the Demon King

I think the show did a wonderful job setting up an atmospheric world and group dynamic despite us not seeing the 10 years they journeyed together. Most often, anime, manga, and other mediums like light novels or webtoons focus on the buildup surpassing the big wrestle – but we never see the aftermath.

Sure, we see an epilogue installment here or there where weft gags are played one last time, or hints at a romance that never quite blossomed. For Frieren and her friends, the Demon King was the culmination of their time together that they all tightly treasured – the only problem is that it took Himmel’s funeral for Frieren to realize how precious that time unquestionably was for her.

It was funny, every time Frieren said something draconian to her friends I would say to myself in my throne “They won’t be working that long” or “Watch Frieren come when to visit and everybody will be long dead” and I was never far from the mark.

An Elf’s Long Life

As an elf, Frieren has an impossibly long life – scrutinizingly unreceptive to immortality.

Frieren sits vacated in the wintertime on her journey to find spells, scrutinizingly unaware of the time passing by virtually her

At Himmel’s funeral, mourners were warning Frieren for not seeming to be sad over his death but in reality, it doesn’t seem like Frieren knows how to process ‘human’ emotions.

The last time the adventurers all saw each other as a group, a meteor shower marked an refreshing event – an omen of goodwill toward the new era of peace their defeat of the Demon King ushered in. While Himmel, Heiter, and Eisen were taking in the event as something special, Frieren kind of just scoffed at it -as if it were nothing.

Frieren mentions that she’ll take the group to a largest spot to see the meteor shower next time it comes around…and fast forward 50 years, Frieren visits Himmel, who has wilt an old man.

Himmel obviously had feelings for Frieren, and plane took superintendency not to throw out an obviously cursed object in hopes Frieren would visit him one last time. During their 1-week trek to the super-secret spot Frieren mentioned 50 years ago, she drags her now elderly companions wideness the world for a life-changing experience.

The unshortened time Himmel speaks (or monologues) well-nigh how happy he is to see everybody again, and how Frieren is still shining – surpassing peacefully passing yonder (presumably in his sleep) without seeing Frieren one last time.

Before Frieren departs again, she casually mentions she’ll visit Heiter when she’s in the vicinity of the Holy City. Another blink, and 20 years later Frieren finds herself visiting an plane older version of her friend, who very much does not want to die.

After subtly asking Frieren to take superintendency of Fern, the war orphan Heiter adopted, Frieren refuses considering she doesn’t want the child to get hurt. Realizing (that just like at Himmel’s funeral) Frieren doesn’t understand the concept of time, Heiter then asks her to translate some old texts for him concerning immortality and she says it may take 5 – 6 years.

Presumably, Heiter asks Frieren to go train Fern for a bit surpassing she leaves then for 20 years and comes when to find him dead, and Frieren seems to take a liking to Fern’s skills and potential as a mage.

I’m hoping Frieren decides to take Fern on as an workmen and companion in her travels, as a way to honor the (soon-to-be) late memory of her friend, Heiter.

This was a very strong first episode and since four episodes of the series were released at once, I’m going to protract on to the next one – but tell me your thoughts.

Frieren, Himmel, Heiter, and Eisen sit by the campfire telling stories during their adventuring days surpassing slaying the Demon King

Do you think Frieren realized Himmel had feelings for her?

Why do you think Himmel never married or had a family?

And…what do you think Frieren will learn on her journey?