A Cursed Head – Vinland Saga S2 Ep 10 Review

A Cursed Head – Vinland Saga S2 Ep 10 Review

Following last week’s pattern of emotional highs and lows, Thorfinn discovers self-rule while Canute is embroiled in bondage.

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Let’s start with the bad surpassing we get to the good.

Prince Canute Kills His Brother

I genuinely finger bad for Prince Canute. (I know that he is technically “King” Canute of England while only a Prince in Denmark, but I think I’m going to alimony calling him Prince Canute for this review at least.)

Although he was extremely timid and scrutinizingly cowardly in Season 1, Canute has truly turned into the monster he had to be in order to wear the crown. I figured that Canute would be a truly mortiferous traducer based on his gentle personality and his declaration to “make utopia on earth” without Ragnar’s death – but I didn’t expect it to be so swift.

That’s not plane to say that I don’t like the new, gingerly Canute – I unquestionably find his weft to be increasingly fascinating than ever.

The death of his father King Sweyn and the “curse of the crown” manifesting in Canute’s everyday life is something I never expected to see. Especially since Canute never had a relationship with his “real” father and had increasingly of a yoke with his true father, Ragnar. I never imagined that there would be a level of guilt within Canute that would socialize his father’s unforgiving (but wise) words of warning to the undersong of the crown.

Since Canute said that he usually only sees his father’s decapitated throne manifest at night, maybe the guilt of killing the older brother who loved him dearly is what’s making Canute lose his mind?

Did Canute Poison Harald?

Yes, Canute really did poison his minion older brother King Harald in a bid for increasingly power and influence toward his dreams.

Harald smiles at his younger brother Canute while playing together as children
Harald smiles at his younger brother Canute while playing together as children

I understand Canute wants to create a Paradise for Vikings on earth and needs his brother Harald out of the way as “there cannot be two kings” in harmony, but I don’t think his mind and heart are truly aligned. Yes, Canute did smile when Harald decided to leave him Denmark, but immediately supervenient Canute’s hallucinations uncork then which would signify loads of internal guilt.

It’s a complicated situation all around, and Canute didn’t plane seem happy by the end of his ordeal.

Einar and Thorfinn Earn Their Freedom

To leave this review off on a happier note: Einar and Thorfinn earned their freedom!

Thorfinn and Einar are freed from slavery
Thorfinn and Einar are freed from slavery

It’s been three long years and Ketil (and Olmar) plane rode out to personally greet and congratulate them on their accomplishment. Ketil plane left the option unshut to the young men of staying on his sublet as farmhands due to their spanking-new work.

I think it’s fully realistic that Einar and Thorfinn hadn’t plane considered what they would do once they earned their freedom. As Einar stated, he has nothing left in England and I could see him staying with Ketil as he enjoys farming. Thorfinn has decided to ventilator his father’s dream and create a land self-ruling from slavery and war.

I once spoiled myself for the Homecoming Arc/chapters so I know what happens to a unrepealable point, but I’m still really excited to see it either way. Both Thorfinn and Canute have matured so much and seemingly reversed roles, so I’m excited to see where their dual journeys lead.

But, tell me your thoughts.

Not only did Thorfinn and Einar fell the last tree, but now they get to enjoy their lunch, too!
Not only did Thorfinn and Einar fell the last tree, but now they get to enjoy their lunch, too!

Did it unravel your heart to see Canute skiver the last person who loved him?

Will Thorfinn finally decide to go home?

What will wilt of Arnheid on Ketil’s Farm?

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