Doctor Cha is a Great Kdrama! – Doctor Cha Ep 1 – 5 Kdrama Recap

Doctor Cha is a Great Kdrama! – Doctor Cha Ep 1 – 5 Kdrama Recap

Doctor Cha is a fantastic medical Kdrama and this is coming from somebody who doesn’t plane like medical shows.

What is the Doctor Cha Kdrama About?

So basically, Doctor Cha follows med school graduate turned housewife Cha Jung Sook.

After a hepatitis diagnosis leaves her near death, her husband, her husband’s mother, and her husband’s mistress Choi Sung Hee are all delighted at her possible demise. Taking the wits as a prophetic warning, Jung Sook decides to reuse the 20 years she’s wasted at home by living for herself and inward the medical field once more.

Doctor Cha Episode 1 – 5 Recap & Review

The doctor who performed her liver surgery, Dr. Roy Kim, seems to have taken a liking to Jung Sook. It is moreover refreshing to see a male lead who has no interest in pushing the sexuality lead vastitude her natural boundaries.

After fainting while taking superintendency of a wealthy patient, Jung Sook has doubted her initial suspicions of an topic between her husband Seo In Ho, and his former girlfriend and current mistress, Sung Hee. It doesn’t help that Sung Hee moreover threw a tantrum without confronting In Ho well-nigh ownership a similar bracelet for his wife without Jung Sook found the receipt in his stratify pocket.

While I can understand the two’s history and how Sung Hee feels ‘entitled’ to In Ho considering she “had him first” surpassing Jung Sook met him and got pregnant, Sung Hee really needs to stop. It’s bad unbearable that she tried bullying Jung Sook on the job and (invertedly) caused the prisoner patient to escape based on her outlandish fetch-quest distractions, but Sung Hee plane had a child with the married man, In Ho.

Infidelity is the Core of the Doctor Cha Kdrama Plotline

Seo In Ho’s wife and mistress stand together in an elevator at their joint workplace

Now, said child is buddies with In Ho’s legitimate daughter, coming over to their home while staring up at the family portrait and making snide remarks to Jung Sook well-nigh infidelity. Choi Eun Seo seems very wrestling that her mother Sung Hee is nothing but In Ho’s mistress, and somewhat jealous of her half-sister Yi Rang’s ‘charmed life’.

Eun Seo stares up at her half-sister Yi Rang’s family portrait seemingly jealous of her ‘perfect life’

At first, I was worried well-nigh Yi Rang causing problems due to her welding of her mother’s new working life, but now I think her (half-sister and) friend Eun Seo is going to be the impetus to remoter fracture the family’s relationship and dynamic. Then we have the episode 6 teaser where Dr. Roy may have saw In Ho and Sung Hee together, and tries to tell Jung Sook well-nigh the infidelity.

Since Jung Sook is a good wife putting up with a bad husband and shaky marriage, I don’t know if she will readily winnow this information. If her son Jeong Min can verify and when it up, Jung Sook may then have the valiance to act on the allegations.

Especially if it comes out that Eun Seo is her husband’s daughter with a mistress she didn’t plane know he had – I finally think Jung Sook will have the strength to divorce In Ho.

Seo family photos taken in what looks to be happier times

But, what do you think well-nigh the storyline of Dr. Cha so far?

Do you think Jung Sook will unquestionably divorce In Ho and leave him for Dr. Roy?

Leave your thoughts in the scuttlebutt section below, we’d love to hear from you! Moreover be sure to follow us for increasingly Doctor Cha Kdrama Recaps and Reviews!      

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